Our vision here at PACE Consulting Co is to build a foundation for a supportive community for individuals with special needs in order for them to thrive independently and aspire for dreams they can indeed achieve with the help of community resources and professionals.


In doing this, the company will educate communicates on different conditions that require special attention by including testimonies and stories from individuals with special needs. This will allow community members to understand a different kind of lifestyle and how they can contribute to improving them to fully grasp true knowledge and be apart of an uplifting, informational, and positive environment. 

PACE Consulting also provides specific behavior interventions, objectives and effective behavioral plans. We can assist with human rights issues, day programs/schools, community integration and all mandatory and other specific in-service training for direct care staff.

What ever your needs please call or email with your problems and concerns and we can schedule a time to provide the assistance you need.

Behavioral Program

In dealing with individuals with intellectual disabilities and special needs, behavior can become a problem when care givers are unaware of how to handle these situations. Some behaviors escalate with the inappropriate intervention PACE consultant is dedicated to identifying the appropriate intervention an individual needs, in order to live a normal, safe, and adjusted lifestyle.

  • Behavior Assessment 

  • Planning an Intervention or Behavior Programming

  • Training care givers to Implement Behavior Programming

  • Monthly Re-evaluation 


ICF Homes

PACE Consultant has a variety of services offered on overseeing ICF Homes:

  • Monthly staff In-service trainings

  • Admission and Discharge procedures and paperwork

  • Completion of a comprehensive Functional Assessment

  • Monthly Safety Audits

  • Preparing for Annual State Survey

  • Preparing for Annual Life & Safety Survey

  • Behavior management training for staff

  • Assistance in answering Plan of Correction (POC)

QIDP Training

PACE Consulting provides full Consulting Services in a wide array of areas in the running an ICFDD facility. Services can be available for either on-site or on-line methods (Depending on location). Areas covered include opening new facilities, program plans, custom manuals, and problem solving. 

We provide consulting for QIDP's, Administrators, RN, LVN and Owners in the areas of Pre-Admission, Admission, Individual Service Plans, Active Treatment, Assessments, Data Sheets, Data Collection and Report Writing. We also assist with survey preparation, plans of correction and quality control chart auditing.

Adult Program

In assisting adults with special needs we acknowledge the need to be independent and the ability to do things on their own, which is why we offer to develop a service plan that aides a self-supportive lifestyle.


The following services may be included in the service plan:

  • Day Program placement

  • Job coaching

  • Financial Management Advisors

  • Daily Living Assistance (identify which activities of daily living may need assistance for example meds, showering, etc.)

  • Transportation

  • Assistance in acquiring benefits

  • Medical Professionals

  • Occupational Therapist

  • Physical Therapist

  • Psychiatrist

  • Speech Therapist

  • ABA Therapist

  • Accountability Log (like data sheet, to confirm whether the service plan is used effectively and if re-training is necessary)

  • Personal Assistant (a reminder of due appointments per month)

  • Housing

  • Grocery Delivery

Children Program

We will work with agencies that provide screening services to infants and toddlers in identifying what their needs are to ensure a normal life.


Children can receive early intervention and qualify for services younger than the age of five years old. This form of treatment can help a child’s social, motor and verbal behaviors. These skills will improve challenging behavior through positive reinforcement.


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