PACE Run For A Cause is an active community that celebrates diversity in the health and fitness community by organizing and hosting monthly runs to create awareness for the many different health issues faced in every day life. Our focus is to give back to our community, as well as selected individuals who are in need. (Health issues including but not limited to; Autism, Sickle cell, and Breast Cancer to name a few.) Due to COVID-19 we are currently only hosting virtual runs and events. 



Set your own pace to a healthy lifestyle and join PACE today! Sign up for one of our monthly runs or donate for a cause.

Our mission is to bring people together to create public awareness of ideologies, social events, and even sensitive topics that are individually difficult to overcome. We know that alone we are limited but together as a community we can make a difference and accomplish anything we put our mind to.



Due to COVID-19 we have simplified our registration process. In order to participate in our runs simply click the link to make a donation, send us an email or DM with your Donation confirmation, full name, age, your milage and a  picture of you during your run/hike for a feature on our social platforms.



Meet The Team

Charmaine Carter

  • Born and raised in Altadena, California

  • Founder/CEO of  PACE Run for a Cause

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and a Master’s Degree in Applied Behavior

  • Thrived in the Health Care Industry for over 16 years

  • Passionate about social services


I worked my way up from a Social Worker to an Administer at an Intermediate Care facility/ Developmentally Disabled. At our facility we provide twenty-four hour personal care, habilitation, developmental, and supportive health services to developmentally disabled clients whose primary need is for developmental services and who have a recurring medical condition. Working in this environment not
only provides a financial income but also full-filling my spirit.

It's my nature to want to help others even at my own expense. You can never give enough help.

I realize that sharing knowledge is a good way to bridge the gaps between those who can help
and those who need help.

Nicole Hampton Peters

  • Born in South Louisiana and raised in Sacramento, California

  • Co Founder/Executive Director of PACE Run for a Cause

  • Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration

  • Worked in the Telecommunications field for over 22 years

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit and a love for flipping houses

In 2018 my position as a Senior Network Manager with AT&T was surplussed. When the economy took a hit back in 2007 I turned my investment properties into Personal Care Homes for adults with Mental Disabilities. Because of my passion  for helping those with developmental disabilities, and knowledge as a health and fitness coach with Herbalife Nutrition, I joined forces with Charmaine at PACE Consulting Co. to bring awareness to our community to get fit the healthy way.

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